My Love Affair With A Massage Therapist In Hong Kong – article contributed by client

My name is Li Xiu ying and I am married to my beautiful wife named Li Na who was once a massage therapist. It has been three years to our marriage and soon we will have a junior Li Xiu Ying in our house. I still cannot believe the fact that I would ever fall in love with a tantric massage therapist in Hong Kong and will marry her. It all started with my first ever visit to her massage parlor with my friends. The massage parlor was popular as it offered the finest Hong Kong massage services and this was the reason I went there.

As I entered the massage room, I saw Li Na for the first time and the feeling I got by seeing her was the best feeling ever. I did not expect a massage therapist to be this beautiful and attractive. I loved everything about her at the first sight only. The massage was great and she was too good at it. That day I did not talk to her at all and I just left as soon as the massage was done. The next day, when I was at the grocery store, I saw her there shopping. I decided to go and talk to her and I went to her and said hi to her. She recognized me and said hi as well and left as I did not continue the conversation because I was acting all nervous around her. I decided to go that outcall massage parlor once again to meet her. The massage was again amazing that day and one thing that was more amazing was that I finally talked to her. Her voice was as beautiful as she was and I felt like listening to her only. The session was fun filled session as she was even as talkative as I was and this is why I did not even get to know when the session ended. I did a good thing and asked for her number. Later that night I called her and we talked for the whole night. I got to know a lot about her like her family, her education and a lot of things and told a lot about me. We started talking to each other on daily basis and on messages and calls. We gradually started meeting each other at the massage parlor and at the restaurants and other places. It was so good to spend time with her that I could not even imagine a single day without meeting her and same was the case with Li Na. She even loved meeting me as much as I do. It felt like that I have finally found my better half and someone whom I would want to grow old with.

I was not sure about to propose her not and I feared that she would say no. However, I just decided to propose her. I invited her on a dinner date where I was about to confess my feelings for her and propose her. She came in a beautiful dress and when we got done with the dinner, I made my mind to propose her. The minute I was about to say that “will you marry me?”, she asked me this question. I was completely surprised to hear that from her and I said that I was about to ask the same question. I gave her the ring I bought for her and we married each other few days after that.