The Vulnerable Feeling

She is Hong Kong’s premier masseuse. An artist whose canvas is your body. She has mastered all male bodies. She knows what makes you ask for more. She is young, suave and proper. Her feminine mystique is solid and supple in an endearing and inviting way. Her masseuse profession is deceptively reticent.

Her long flawless jet-black hair contrasts with her latte skin to give her this cool air of feminine charm and finesse. She is a full-figured beauty with small, squinty eyes, thin quivering lips and a string nose bridge that drops slowly to her pointed hose that gives her a youngish look.

Her dangling arms sway out of her scalped torso with agility and deliberation. She is the epitome of proper upbringing, a body that is the product of amazing diet, natural beauty and intense training. Her navel hangs ever so tightly on to her tummy that is trimmed and shapely. It lays flat on her body accentuating her pointed breasts just above her heaving chest.

thigh gapHer pelvis is proportionately wider than her waspy waist with such an authentic sex appeal. Her shapely legs jut out of her fleshy hips defined by huge thighs and a waxed crouch. She has been a recipient of her own massage prowess. Her skin glows with a rich tinge to it. She is the fullness of inner beauty manifested in an outer shapely form. Her massage oils have worked magic on her skin. There is a freshness and comely beauty about her.

She mixes up her massage oils from Melrose sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil and shea butter to create different textures, scents and aesthetic variants. She starts with your head gently twisting it to the right then to the left. Her arms make their way to ease your tense shoulder muscles and she lets her tongue roll over your spine with her lips on either side of the spine nerves.

She gently strokes the small of your back at set intervals while massaging your butt then she digs her arms into your thighs. Blood fills your temples and pelvis as you struggle to steady your breathing. She chuckles at your reaction. You lean back and let her keep stroking your groins.

You can feel her experience, her expertise, her passion as she works your lumbar region. She slowly pulls away your towel and leaves you vulnerable. You open your eyes, then shut them down. This is a moment you want to savour. You don’t want to let this moment to be interrupted by anything. You shut your eyes as though opening them would let the experience elude you.

Your body eases, your pains subside, and your tense muscles relax. She slowly taps the base of your knees making your nerves send a slight shock through your body. It makes you come alive. The feeling sheds off your grip as you settle into a lull. Your body is responding well to her tantric massages. You wish she for this experience to last forever…will it?