In Love with a Tantra Massage Therapist in Hong Kong

I never planned on my love affair with a massage therapist in Hong Kong, it just happened. Quite by accident, but it changed everything for me. Still I should start at the beginning of my story.

I had never been very luck in love. In fact, how I maintained a relationship with my girlfriend of several years is by luck, I thought. Women often see men as, just friends. Getting from just friends to having a girl friend with benefits isn’t easy, at least it wasn’t for me. Until I had experienced the healing effects of tantric massage, then I had an experience that changed the way I understood women. It all began during a recent trip to Hong Kong.

I had been in Hong Kong for a week, when my girlfriend back home broke up with me via text messaging. Here’s something important to think about, when a woman breaks up with you, what is the next step? Dating right? Well it wasn’t that simple for me. Now that I was back in the dating world, I had one question about meeting women. How do you get from being just friends, to a girl friend with benefits? i didn’t feel like I was ready to face rejection and all the problems dating had been for me, at least that’s how I recalled it. So I decided that I should call on the help of a professional, because I needed release badly.

I had heard stories of girls who performed tantric massage Hong Kong style, but I had never been daring enough to call on one. Also I had always had a fascination with the idea of tantric massage and the erotic techniques that tantra practiced, so I decided this might be the outlet I needed right now.

When looked through a local paper with listings for Hong Kong massage services, all I wanted was some company. The place I called said they had a young woman, who would be perfectly suited to help me and they sent her over to my hotel room. She was a beautiful dark haired girl, she looked like a classic geisha to me. Although I am probably biased, because she was so much more than I ever expected. Our session lasted only a short time, due to my inability to hold back my release. It shot forth on it’s own, as soon as her soft hands were massaging my body. She sweetly took it as a compliment, then she continued working on my body and talked to me about my recent loss of love. Her words were soothing and she gave me some very sound advice, about being a man.

I learned something from my massage therapist friend. This is basically what she explained to me in the hotel that afternoon. You have to become that girl friendly guy, the man that every woman wants to be with. You only need to do one simple thing and guess what? She give you the green light. Women are immediately attracted to any man, if they are approached correctly. Her natural attraction will tell her that you are the right guy and she will be pursuing you. She will want to be with you, because all her instincts will be focused on, how perfect you are for her. All you need to do is be her friend first.

Being friends and having a woman’s friendship is the key to her heart. Still you do not have to be lonely and feel restricted by the ties of friendship. You can break free from the just friends cycle. Stop being what she wants and take command of your life, you can have it all. You can get from being just friends to having a girlfriend with benefits, and it’s so simple. As she continued to massage my body that afternoon, I mused over her words.

As I said before, I never planned on my love affair with a massage therapist in Hong Kong. That’s just how it happened, but it changed my life for the better. Now that I have experienced it, all I want is an outcall massage Hong Kong style peformed the way my beautiful geisha doll does for me.