Love at First Touch – article by a client who received our tantric massage in Hongkong

I’m no stranger to the art of massage therapy. In fact was first introduced to massage at an early age and have always enjoyed getting them. As I grew up and became my own many, I traveled the world on business. When I go to my destination, after getting checked in I always either go to the massage parlor or have an outcall massage therapist come to me when available.

One year I traveled to Hong Kong and was eager to see the sights, enjoy the cuisine and meet the people. But I stick to my routine first and find out about outcall massage in Hong Kong. Sure enough they were true to the mark and had Hong Kong massage services that could come to me. I ordered the services that I knew about and unpacked my things while I waited.

Courteous and polite the young lady was right on time and had everything with her ready to start. She set up her table and laid out her oils and had me undress to get started. I was like a loaf of bread, firm and stiff and waiting to be used. Her hands were like butter and together the heat in the room between us was like we were in a toaster. Her hands just melted into my skin and made me feel like I was melting myself. It was love at first touch.

When she was done I had told her what a good job she had done and that I was in love with her work, and skill. She told me to ask for her next time and ask for a tantric massage when in Hong Kong again. She never told me what that was, and I didn’t think about it again until later. After she left I was so relaxed that I slept till the next day and was completely ready for my meetings the next day. It was the best trip I had ever had, making every deal that needed to be made and seeing the sights before I left.

I came back a year later, again for work, and did what the beauty told me to do. I asked for her and for the best tantric massage Hong Kong had to offer. True to her word, she came herself with oils and back in hand but no table. She told me that this massage would be on the bed and that it would not be like anything I had ever had. She remembered me, and missed me, wanting to touch me again and again. And she did, using the magic in her hands to give me her secret little Hong Kong tantric massage.

Words cannot describe the sense of pure ecstasy my body felt at this women’s touch. If I thought I was in love before there was no describing what I was feeling now. It was pure heaven for me and she gave me a total relaxing pleasure that even sex itself cannot compare to.

I still travel to Hong Kong every year and always order the massage services in Hong Kong. I always ask for my little beauty and get my little love affair with the best massage therapist out there.