happy ending massage

The Best Happy-Ending Massage In Hong Kong

I wonder if she still remembers our first encounter. The room had walls as warm as her breath and a relaxing aura to it. Her soft sensational smile was even more reassuring. I knew right there and then that I wanted her to explore my inner-most desires. While the idea of a happy-ending massage was inconceivable before, it wasn’t on this day. Some will call me greedy for wanting more. But how could I not be when her hands on my body felt like small fanciful clouds. With the corner of my eye, I noticed her loosening the hooks of her dress. There was a certain wild civility to how she carried herself.

Underneath the figure-hugging dress was a body chiseled to perfection. She was smooth-skined and a marvel to look at. When she finally spoke, her mouth opened amorously and asked me to relax and take a deep breath. Clearly, I was in for the ride of my life. Her lithe arms felt like fire when she started to spread the sensual massage oils on my back. I could smell her hair whenever she reached out to loosen up my broad shoulders. Her hair smelled of the South. An aromatic sandalwood fragrance that I had gotten accastomed to during my visits to Hong Kong.

I cannot forget her ecstatic caress that made my whole body throb. Burning the coals of all my old desires. She rubbed her whole body on mine putting me in a frenzied delight. The symphony of our breathing was just as pleasurable. Coupled with her slow audible groan that was so erotic and slow. I was immersed in the moment with every grasp of my body that she took. My surrounding world momentarily came to a stand-still. I was not just flying in my own world, but soaring so high.

When I thought my experience wouldn’t get any better, she swiftly turned me over to lie on my back. She swayed her wide hips in a tantric manner suggesting there was still more to come. You could tell she was a masseuse at the top of her game. In a quick move, her full body was lying atop mine. I could feel her heart beating rapidly against my chest. I steadily sat her up and enveloped her derriere in my hands just before she teasigly brushed them away.
Her hands were gently rubbing on my chest as she poured some more massage oil on me. Before I knew it, her full lips were planting shallow kisses around my navel. Only then did I realize that I was in for a treat.

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