The Making of a Tantric Massage Therapist

Each job you enter into, train for, and learn from all has hands on experience. Nothing can be more true than those who work in massage therapy. Constantly you are using your hands to rub out sore muscles or stimulate the use of those muscles in another person. While a surgeon may need a steady hand when performing their surgery, the masseuse needs a strong and firm hand in order to their work.

There are well trained massage therapists who have been using their hands for years when they give an outcall massage in Hong Kong. They know how to make your muscles relax and get your body completely relaxed while doing it. Not only do they know how hard to be at a given time, and this will of course depend on the type of massage you are getting as well, but they know exactly where to rub that muscle. Hong Kong massage services are so good because the therapists are that good with their hands.

Of course this means that each person had to make some mistakes along the way. The therapist may have applied too much pressure to an area or hit the wrong nerve when giving the massage. This is how you will know a beginner from a more experienced masseuse. While it could still happen for someone who has more experience in a job to make a mistake like that, it would be more rare.

I had a similar experience with a new therapist who was still in training. And while this person did their best to make the massage as comfortable and relaxing as possible, they had the roughest hands I had ever felt in a masseuse. All I could think of during the massage was, when will this end! Luckily I didn’t ask for a Hong Kong tantric massage or I would have been in some real trouble.